Testimonials – Student Reviews

Submitted by Wayne S

I wanted to thank you for the class on Saturday, I have been talking to the other guys and they’ve all said how informative you were without being “preachy” or “condescending”. I know some guys (including me) have been putting off the class as I didn’t want to be “talked down to” for asking questions that may be obvious to others or having to listen to a guy who likes to hear himself talk. you kept the class interesting, you kept the class moving along at a nice pace.  Glad we set this up and I look forward to taking the Utah part of the class with you when your ready. if you need a reference, give em my name.

Thank you for your time.. and for your service..

Wayne S


Submitted by Meg M

Dave was very thorough and informative. Being female I was made to feel very comfortable. Questions were welcome and answered effectively.

Question asked by the instructor: What areas of this training do you feel were most beneficial?
Meg’s response:  Weapons retention, safety, and legalities.

Additional comments by Meg: Thank you very much for the class and your military & other government service.

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