GREAT NEWS! (Website Update)

The update of our website is coming along faster than we had anticipated, and for that we’re extremely grateful. Over the next several days, we should be finishing up a few of the final touches, and once completed we’ll be giving away several class coupons as a thank you for your support and patience. We’re also working on a few other giveaways which will be announced soon.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to a safe and wonderful 2019!

Website Crashed!?!?

Well, it seems that with all of the good things that have been happening lately for us, a little bad apparently has to show up to balance things out a bit… In this case, our website was accidentally deleted by the hosting company (including backups), and that means we get the lovely task of rebuilding from scratch! 

There is a tiny silver lining to this whole thing though. We’ve been meaning to do a complete redo of the whole things anyways! We just didn’t exactly plan on doing it now… But the redesign is in full swing, and once it’s completed, we’ll be offering a little something as a thank you for your patience and support!