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Our class covers the topics and training required to obtain both the Minnesota and Florida permits!  

Ten Reasons You Should Get Your Minnesota Permit to Carry (CCW)

1) It’s an important step toward gaining more personal freedom.
2) You will develop a greater sense of Situational Awareness.
3) You will learn that criminals fear an armed citizen more than our judicial system.
4) You will begin to view the right to conceal carry as an asset to society.
5) You will learn the proper laws and rules regarding carrying a firearm.
6) You will start to worry less about “what could happen” and focus more on life.
7) You will gain more interest in furthering your firearms education which will make you safer.
8) You will be better prepared to defend your loved ones.
9) You will be helping preserve and protect our gun rights.
10) Your family needs you. If you fall victim to an attack and didn’t have the means to protect yourself, it will be your family who will suffer.



It is our mission to train all law abiding Americans in the techniques and tactics needed to protect themselves and their families.

Tactical Solutions USA offers top notch training in the following subjects: Basic Survival (up to 72 hours),  NRA Personal Protection in the Home, Minnesota Permit to Carry, and Close Quarters Combat(CQC). We also provide specialty classes tailored to teaching you how to defend your home from an attacker either as a single parent, or in husband and wife teams. We are available for private or public classes, and provide a relaxing atmosphere for optimum learning. Most classes take place less than one hour from the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, but we are available for private classes anywhere within the state of Minnesota. With 23 Years of Firearms Experience between multiple combat tours and personalized training, you can be confident in our training quality and expertise.

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