Welcome to Tactical Solutions USA!

Our Mission is to train all law abiding Americans in the techniques and tactics needed to protect themselves, their families, and their place of business. 

Tactical Solutions USA offers top notch training in the following subjects: Minnesota and Florida Permit to Carry and NRA Personal Protection in the Home. We also offer specialty training tailored towards teaching you how to defend your home, or place of business from an attacker. We are available for private, small group, or public classes, and are structured to be a relaxed atmosphere for optimum learning. 

Most classes take place less than an hour away from the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area, but we are available statewide for private small group classes, and US wide for corporate and business solutions. With over 25 years of firearms experience both on and off the battlefield, and combat proven threat detection and deterrence experience, you can be confident in our training quality and expertise. 

Ten Reasons You Should Get Your Permit to Carry?

1: It’s an important step towards gaining personal freedom. 
2: You will develop a greater sense of Situational Awareness
3: You will learn that criminals fear an armed citizen more than our judicial system.
4: You will begin to view the right to conceal carry as an asset to society. 
5: You will learn the proper laws and rules regarding carrying a firearm.
6: You will start to worry less about “what could happen” and focus more on life. 
7: You will gain more interest in furthering your firearms education which will increase your level of safety even greater. 
8: You will be better prepared to defend yourself, and your loved ones. 
9: You will be helping to preserve and protect our gun rights. 
10: Your family needs you. If you fall victim to an attack and didn’t have the means to protect yourself, it will be your family who suffers.